Mimi's Album
Harriet Annette Howard Meeker Archiable
Pictures and Family History of the Howard and Meeker Families - September 2011

A few years ago Bonnie Sue Schick Coe sent me a suitcase full of items belonging to our grandmother Mimi (Harriet Annette Howard Meeker Archiable). In the suitcase was an amazing old photo album of the Howard side of the family that Mimi had annotated. It was our intention to scan the old photographs and to put together a CD and distribute copies to the family. That way we would all have access to these amazing pieces of our family history... (read more)
This group of photos are all from Mimi's album. The relationship to Mimi is under the photo, along with Mimi's notes. In some cases, Sue's research showed differences (names and spellings), and these are also listed under the specific photos. Maiden names are in italics.

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Other photos: Included are several other family photos collected by Bonnie and Sue. Many of the comments are from Ruth.

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Here are some Family Tree charts and other interesting documents. Also has links to the tools used.

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