Kingfisher Seaplane Ops

This film documents SC-1 Seaplane Operations on USS Nashville (CL-43) July 26, 1945. It was found on a website documenting USS Abbot (DD 629) operations. This short segment is six minutes into the full video. Click or Tap the icon to visit the source .

The activities included are:

  1. Pilot climbs into Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk on catapult.
  2. SC-1 catapulted.
  3. SC-1 taxis alongside and catches onto sled.
  4. Pilot attaches crane hook to SC-1.
  5. Crewman eases SC-1 onto cradle.
  6. SC-1 lands and taxis.
  7. Crane lifts SC-1 and sets it on ship as crew members fold SC-1 wings.

It is possible that LtCol Thompson was aboard when this flm as shot. In My Story, he states:

  • "The last time the Nashville went to sea, while I was aboard, was for a day of training exercises was on August 1, 1945."
  • "I left the USS Nashville at Subic Bay on August 17, 1945."

The National Archives holds the original film, ARC identifier “79429 NAVAL BOMBARDMENT OF HONSHU, 08/07/1945.”