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Japan - Official Functions
1953, November 4: Sukiyaki Party. Picture taken in Governor Okuda's official reception room in his home (governor's mansion). "Notice the slippers we are all wearing. They are used about the house but removed when entering rooms with mats which were all rooms except the reception room."

Front Row (left to right):
Mrs. Okuda, Governor Okuda, Geisha girl, Col Sturgis (Army), Mrs. Gladstone, Col Miller, Lt Col Wolf, Geisha mamasan, Lt Col Gladstone (Army), LtCol (then Major) Rufus B. Thompson, Jr. ("whoops - it's me, and oh my goodness another Geisha")

2nd Row (left to right)
Governor's aide, governor's secretary, interpreter, Mr. Sakakibara (head of Nara Perfecture liaison section), Mrs. Shimoi, Vice Governor Shimoi, Mr. Suenaga, unidentified couple
Japan 05 1100