Meeker/Howard/Pendery Family

Pictures and Family History of the Howard and Meeker Families - September 2011

A few years ago Bonnie Sue Schick Coe sent me a suitcase full of items belonging to our grandmother Harriet Annette Howard Meeker Archiable (Mimi). In the suitcase was an amazing old photo album of the Howard side of the family that Mimi had annotated. It was our intention to scan the old photographs and to put together a CD and distribute copies to the family. That way we would all have access to these amazing pieces of our family history... (read more)

Thompson Family History
Mimi's Album - Pendery
Thompson Family History
Mimi's Album - Other Photos
Thompson Family History
Family Trees

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Individual Memorials

Charles William Howard
Ida Emma Pendery
Harriet Annette Howard
George Delmer Meeker
Ruth Genevieve Meeker
Elizabeth "Betty" Meeker