Japanese Glass Fishing Net Floats

Japanese fishermen used glass floats to keep their nets afloat. Many broke loose and washed ashore on Kwajanein. These are screen captures from our Kwajalein film.

Photo Album   Kwajalein Atoll film

Fishing Net Floats

Here, Major Thompson and his son, Robby, bring their latest find ashore.

Screen capture from Kwajalein Atoll film.

Floats on Meck Island

Many Japanese glass floats were found on an outing to Meck Island. As it was thought that some Japanese soldiers were still hiding on the island, an armed escort is seen.

The ship in the background is the LCI-327 (Landing Craft, Infantry). It was reported as stranded at Bascombe (Meck) Island, Kwajalein, and destroyed there on October 30, 1947. Here it is, still very much intact here in the early '50s.

During the construction of a missile launch facility on the island in the '60s, the ship was demolished and covered over.

Screen capture from Kwajalein Atoll film.