USS Nashville - Books

David Sears book

David Sears

At War With The Wind by David Sears describes the Kamikaze Attacks during WW II. LtCol Thompson recounted his experience during the Kamikaze attack on the USS Nashville on December 13, 1944 to Mr. Sears and it is included in the book.

Peter Smith book

Peter Smith

Kamikaze - To Die for the Emperor by Peter C. Smith describes the history of the Kamikaze tradition in Japanese culture. LtCol Rufus B. "Tommy" Thompson (1919-2014) and Williard B. “Ben” Limbaugh (1923-2016) were interviewed by Mr. Smith for this book.

Steven Bustin book

Steven Bustin

Humble Heroes by Steven George Bustin explores the history of the USS Nashville CL-43 during WW II. LtCol Thompson was interviewed by Mr. Bustin at a Nashville reunion, and this book contains some of his recollections.