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LtCol Rufus B. Thompson, Jr. (then a Captain) functioned as a Marine Observer as part of Navy Task Force 80 (TF-80), part of the Navy's annual cold-weather exercises - July thru September 1948. There were three ships in the task force: two wind-class icebreakers (USS Edisto - AG-89 and USCGC Eastwind - WAG-279) and one Andromeda-class attack cargo ship (USS Wyandot - AKA-92). The purpose was to observe operations and make recommendations as to equipment and supplies required for operations in the Arctic summer. His log book covers July 9 thru September 16, 1948.

USS Portland

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Kee Bird

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Life Magazine

Article from Life Magazine

October 11, 1948

Kee Bird

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Dated August 5, 1948, while at sea

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