Korea Photo Album

LtCol (then Major) Rufus B. Thompson, Jr., USMC transferred from Japan to Korea in February 1954 to join the 1st Marine Division. He left Korea August 28, 1954

In April 2017, we were going through old photos, and we came across a box with 35mm film canisters. We could not tell if there was anything in them, but a few felt heavier than others and some made noise when shaken. There was one container of color slide film, and the others were black and white.

Mike took the containers to O’Brian Photo Enterprises in Eugene. The owner told Mike that the chemicals necessary to develop the color slide film were no longer made, but it might be possible to develop it as black and white.

Several days later the owner called to say that the color roll was damaged and came out all black, but one of the black and white containers had undeveloped film. He was able to process that roll. Twenty-three black and white images from Korea in 1954 were scanned on April 18, 2017. This was the first time these 63-year-old images were seen. Thirteen are in this Korea album, tagged Found Film.


Hal Thorpe, LtCol McKennan, LtCol (then Major) Thompson